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Benjamin H. Marshall
Architect and Bon Vivant

Benjamin H. Marshall designed buildings around the United States with the majority located around the Chicago, Illinois area.

Benjamin H. Marshall not only designed groundbreaking buildings but was prescient in his participation in their development and financing, making use of the financial tool which would later be called co-operative ownership or co-ops.

His buildings include vast country estates, the first palatial multi-unit high-rise buildings, sumptuous hotels, many theaters, innovative commercial high-rise structures, and various other public projects.

A sample of his iconic and much loved buildings include The Drake Hotel, The Blackstone Hotel (recently completing a painstaking restoration), the Edgewater Beach Hotel, the South Shore Country Club, the Cuneo Museum (formerly the estate of Samuel Insull and more recently John F. Cuneo, Sr), and most of the ultra-luxe residential buildings on East Lake Shore Drive.

Benjamin H. Marshall befriended powerful businessmen, society people, participants in all areas of theater (including best friends the Ziegfelds), and anyone with intelligence, style, and wit. He designed his own clothes (his first job was with a custom tailor) and enjoyed the best food, drink, and all his time had to offer.

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